The Medela Freestyle: Holy Heck, It Actually Works

You’ll never guess what I was doing while I typed this post. Even if you guess, you’ll never believe it. I didn’t believe it either.

I was pumping.

Given my dubious relationship with my old breast pump, which caused total work stoppage (and parental incompetence) three times a day, I’m blown away by the new Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Electric Pump. It’s incredibly compact, it’s rechargeable, and it really and truly is hands-free. Yes, there’s a bunch of gear that comes with it that might look a little overwhelming at first, but the instructions are clear and concise and getting started is a snap.

While I pumped, I was able to reply to email, empty the dishwasher, refill sippie cups, fold laundry…you get the idea. I bet I could even pump while driving – but that’s where I draw the line in terms of research.

Here’s one more very cool effect I hadn’t considered: With my hands available to do other things, shockingly I don’t mind pumping longer at a stretch. Meaning more milk to add to my freezer stash to

help keep my baby on breastmilk longer. So Medela Freestyle is better for both of us.

Get it any number of places including Amazon. It’s not cheap. But neither is formula. –Julie