Wanting to Put Your Baby In a Bubble Never Made More Sense


My first email to my editor after reviewing the UPPAbaby Bubble was This contraption rocks!

Let me backtrack a bit here.

If you crane your neck to peek at my baby in his carrier, I’ll gladly angle him to give you a better view because I’m a sucker for compliments on my progeny. But when well-meaning folks (read: nosy old ladies and runny-nosed toddlers) start poking him without permission, that’s when I wish I could put him in a bubble. Which is where the UPPAbaby Bubble comes in.

Seriously – someone finally made a baby bubble, and it’s really quite fabulous. The soft mesh layer allow me to see in and my baby to see out, without unwelcome cheek-pinching or wayward toddler fingers. The rain shield is perfect for sudden unexpected showers. These layers snap and zip into and out of sight, and the whole thing collapses easily into a flat circle for storage. But the coolest part is that I can actually leave the Bubble in place all the time. Slip it over the seat and under the handle – it doesn’t affect the

function of the carrier at all.

Instead of batting away those uninvited hands or making some lame excuse about the baby having the sniffles, now I just announce that it’s naptime and zip the baby out of reach. Can I get a big AMEN, mamas? –Julie