Hide the good scissors!

Pretties at Hide the Good ScissorsHide the good scissors isn’t just something you say because the kids will just ruin them cutting cardboard and digging holes in the dirt. It also happens to be the name of a super-sweet Etsy shop that we’re digging hardcore.

The good news is they’ve got the freshest take on embroidery
we’ve seen. The bad news is that they’re so adored that the shop is
currently empty, although accepting orders by convo. Ping the artist, and hook yourself up with the beautifully
hand-embroidered animals and plants that make our inner graphic designer

These bad boys would be so cheerful as part of an arrangement of
spray-painted frames, or maybe just hanging near the kitchen sink. It’s always nice to
have something pretty to covet. I’ll be dreaming of a patchwork narwhal,
myself. ~Delilah

Put Hide the Good Scissors on your wish list.

via We Are 1976