Yes, It Will Look Good Over the Sofa

I’m all for cultivating sophisticated aesthetic tastes at a young age. Kids may be kids, but their bedrooms and bathrooms don’t have to stuffed to the gills with licensed characters to be appealing to them. And when you’re spending big bucks on decor anyway, shouldn’t your nursery art actually be…well, art?
Will It Look Good Over the Sofa is focused on art – custom printed, limited edition fine art photographs that you won’t find in everyone else’s home or in every other kid’s bedroom. Their art for kids section includes works that transcend short-lived trends and appeal to all ages, including adults. Make sure to check out photographer Sara Heart Bacon’s grid series of custom prints including Homies and Your Kid’s Candy Could be Gay Too (which is less provocative than the title might indicate). Traditionalists will love photographer Andrea Sperling’s soft-hued Rubber Duck or Ballet Dancer Toy.
For a less expensive option, the city alphabet posters let you spell out your child’s name in a more unique way

than those wooden letters on gingham ribbons that you see in pretty much every kids’ catalog.
While some of the pieces of art at Will it Look Good are definitely baby-themed, most will look terrific over the changing table, over the homework desk, and alongside the posters of boy bands, God forbid it comes to that. –JulieWIN IT! One of the City Alphabet letter posters in a letter of your choice! Just email by midnight tonight with CITY ALPHABET in the header and the answer to the question: What is depicted in the kid’s print entitled, "Excessive?"