Maternity Clothes Guaranteed to Fit

Nothing can prepare a first-time pregnant friend for the ordeal that is maternity shopping. Except for maybe you. That is, if you have it in you to dash her expectations that she’ll look adooooorable in those chic low-rise jeans for the entire nine months.
Behold the ultimate mama-to-be gift: The Pregnant Paper Dolls at Wishing Fish. Your glowing friend or relative will get to pore through 24 pages of maternity duds, trimester by ever-expanding trimester, right until the bitter, XXL sweatpants-clad end.
These dolls are very realistic, right down to the sagging enormoboobs. Let’s just say you shouldn’t buy it for anyone who doesn’t have a good sense of self–and humor. At least she can take comfort in the fact that we’ve all been there before. –Liz

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