The 45-Watt Cocktail Umbrella

The poor little cocktail umbrella. It begins its life the adored centerpiece of your favorite frozen beverage, only to be brought home from its tiki bar paradise and crammed into a nighttable drawer.
Fear not, cocktail umbrella fans. They now have renewed value thanks to the ingenuity of RISD-pedigreed Heather Wells. Assembled in clusters then coated with a protective lacquer and some flame-begone spray–Poof. Totally cool lampshade. It even glows in the dark thanks to a coating of phosphorescent paint, making them a supacool fixture for a supacool little girl’s room.
You’ll find several styles and colors at Heather’s online boutique, Bright Lights-Little City. Plus she does custom if you’ve got something in mind. Pina Coladas sold separately. –Liz[via shelterrific] Get a free nightcap nightlight from Bright Lights-Little City with any order $25 or more! Just mention Cool Mom Picks in the message box when you check out.