Grooving on Gruv Kitty Jewelry

My latest artisan affection is aimed across the country towards LA painter Regina Allen, who’s now scavenging for all kinds of antique beads and pendants and refashioning them into very fun, very affordable jewelry at her etsy shop, GruvKitty.

Her signature pieces are sweet little drop earrings made with vintage lampworked glass beads and layered with unusual accent beads. These are not “oh look, I took a beading class at the Y” earrings. Her newest endeavor incorporates mid-century plastic beads into kitchy, colorful pieces that would have made my Great Aunt Bea proud.

Not surprisingly, the creativity runs in her family. Regina also happens to be the wife of Alternadad author Neal Pollack. -Liz

Congratulations to GruvKitty earring winner, Michelle H!

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