A Band of Bamboo

i-14da5949b2cdd570a797eb6ec5315f09-bamboobellyband-thumb-200x200.jpgBy this pregnancy, number three, I’m pretty familiar with the plethora of maternity belly bands that allow we lucky pregnant women to continue wearing our regular shirts. Or, if you’re me, make the bizarrely short maternity shirts actually cover the top of your pants.

Unfortunately I’m also familiar with the lovely belly itch that’s brought by tight clothing on my stomach. But when I tried on the Bamboo Belly Band found at Bambino Land, I couldn’t even tell it was on. Made from a combo of bamboo and just enough spandex, this band is super soft and fitted enough to look normal under a shirt but not so tight that you can’t breathe.

While it’s not made to hold up your pants, it’s a great addition to any mid to late maternity wardrobe, particularly if you do like to wear tighter fitting shirts that tend to ride up. Considering everything below the belt seems ride up these day too, I’ll take all the help I can get. -Kristen

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Congratulations to Trina C, winner of a Bamboo

Belly Band!