Gorgeous handmade toys you’ll be tempted to play with yourself

Handmade mix and match doll blocks by Abby Jacobs

Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and say it: The holidays are creeping up. I know that means half of you hate me, and the other half are like “whatever, my list is already done.” In which case, I bow to you. But if you’re starting to think about special gifts for kids for any reason at all (I won’t use the “H” word if it makes it easier for you), we’ve got a slew of ideas in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. And one of our favorite new finds has been the exquisite handmade toys from Abby Jacobs.

Handpainted matryoshka dolls by Abby Jacobs in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

The handpainted modern matryoshka dolls in spectacular ombre shades has been a favorite with our shoppers–and my kids who drop very unsubtle hints about gifts every time they see my laptop screen open to them. In fact, they’re so popular, a few of the listings indicate that they are sold out. Let us know if you’re trying to buy one and we can look into it, or you can check back soon for a restock.


Handpainted Kokeshi peg dolls by Abby Jacobs

We also Abby’s her spendy but truly exquisite collectible peg dolls which are all hand-painted with remarkable pattern

s and designs. These are definitely for serious dollhouse lovers or for girls (or women) with a growing collection of special peg dolls on a bookshelf somewhere. Be creative; peg dolls make cool cake toppers, surprise toys in an Easter egg, even party favors–say after a swanky family holiday party? Personally, these are among my favorites of all things in our shop and every time we add a new one to our collection I’m so happy.

Handpainted mix and match doll blocks by Abby Jacobs


Hand painted story dice by Abby Jacobs

The most recent addition to our stock are the mix and match doll blocks which are a classic toy turned modern; and the handpainted story dice which is always a cool toy to have around for rainy days or unplugged road trips.

Everything Abby does is really meticulously hand-painted; just look at the detail, especially on those dolls. It’s pretty impressive to still find children’s toys with that level of craftsmanship these days. Just looking the photos makes us smile–we can only imagine how happy they’d make our kids to find one of these gift-wrapped and labeled just for them one day soon.
Help support talented makers with purchases like the handmade toys from Abby Jacobs online at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. And be sure to check out our entire category of handmade gift ideas for kids.

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