Stylish kids’ prescription glasses with a warranty you won’t believe. (Because it’s unbelievable.)

Babiators makes stylish kids' prescription glasses with an irresistible warranty

There’s something about little kids with glasses that I find irresistible. But recently I’ve had a few moms lament to me how annoying it is when their kids lose or break them (which is always), and they have to shell out for a new pair of stylish kids’ prescription glasses. Again. Because kids lose stuff; it’s what they do. My answer to them now is Babiators.

My kids became obsessed with Babiators sunglasses and goggles over the summer because they don’t pinch behind the ears, and they look great. I love them because they have held up to my preschooler bending the arms all the way back and even sitting on them in the car. And now they offer Babiators prescription frames which are safe, lightweight rubber in bright, splashy colors (plus a cool understated gray) that kids will love to show off. And the flexible frame means a perfectly comfortable fit, which is so important if they’re wearing their glasses all the time.

I haven’t stressed about him breaking them, though, because Babiators has the most amazin

g warranty program I’ve ever seen. No joke. If your kids break or lose their glasses, Babiators will replace them.

Break or lose? Are you kidding me? I still find this policy to be jaw-droppingly amazing.


Babiators stylish kids' prescription glasses with a one year warranty

Babiators stylish kids' prescription glasses: Cute, and terrific warrant

I’d think that parents whose kids wear prescription glasses will be thrilled. Because if kids lose or break their glasses within the first year of purchase, Babiators will replace these super cute frames for free. Nice because once you try them, you may not want another pair for your kids.

Purchase your Babiator frames at their website and take them with you to your next optometrist appointment.

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