Baby bloomers nearly as cute that little butt they’re covering

Baby bloomers from Kicky PantsOne of the essentials in my girls’ summer wardrobe when they were babies were bloomers. It was so easy to just toss a cute pair over a diaper, add a little tunic or tee, and we were off.

I love the selection of high quality cotton baby bloomers at family-run Kicky Pants, which have the cutest little ruffle detail on the back–just enough to make a statement but not so much that the kid’s butt looks like a wedding cake. (Trust me, we’ve seen plenty of those.) They come in 9 sweet colors including a fun lime green which is now 30% off. But I’d say get whichever will go with the most outfits. 

If you’re like I was in the summer–as in, lazy, hot, and just trying to get out of the house with the baby without putting together an 8-piece outfit–you’ll be using these bloomers a whole lot. –Liz

Shop cute cotton baby bloomers at Kicky Pants.