Ditch plastic sippy cups for stainless steel

Pura Stainless Steel Sippy CupI admit that I was pretty skeptical of the stainless steel baby bottle trend, and never could actually make the leap. But now that my baby is of sippy cup age, I am pretty intrigued by they idea of stainless steel sippy cups.

The Pura Kiki stainless steel toddler bottle has become a fixture in the
hands of my 17-month old, pretty much converting me from the slew of
plastic sippy cups that are stuffed in my kitchen drawers. They just
wear so well compared to the plastic that looks beaten up pretty
quickly, and I love how easy they are to wash. I’m also pretty impressed
that the water, milk, and juice does not smell or taste like metal. So

I will say that you have to pretty careful putting the top on since it’s
metal on metal. And while I’m not super impressed with the toddler spout you get, a ton of others fit just fine. One caveat: You
definitely need the silicone cover because if your little one likes icy
cold water like mine, the bottle is way too cold to hold without it.
Otherwise, I can’t seem to pry it from her hands. Or her mouth. -Kristen

You can purchase the Pura Kiki stainless steel toddler bottle at Pura’s website.