The Pampered Pampers-Wearer

When I think of portable changing mats, "plush" isn’t exactly the first word that pops to mind. Perhaps "practical." Or "free with diaper bag." But not so much "plush."
Evidently mom Karin Telegadis of Ah Goo Baby was considering the same thing when she created the swanky Plush Pad. It’s soft and stylish and oh-so-beautifully made (and don’t worry, machine washable)–but also it has memory foam underneath the sumptuous minkie fabric on top. Memory foam! Like those beds with the guy jumping up and down on it next to the glass of red wine?
So not only will it keep your baby extra comfy on those scary restroom changing tables or hotel dressers, but you can change him while drinking. Or something like that.
It’s not cheap, to be sure. But then, keeping your baby in luxurious comfort even while he’s coated in poop never is. –Liz
Purchase yours online at Anna Bean
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