Silicone Isn’t Just For…Um, Binkies

As if plastic bibs aren’t already nasty enough to clean after every meal, can you believe that they’re now popping up on recall lists as well? While there’s always the cloth alternative, the last thing I need is to triple my laundry load.

So check out our new find, Silikids, a company started by two moms who came up with the coolest and neatest (pun intended) bibs we’ve seen lately. In case you’re not familiar with silicone, it’s super hypoallergenic and dishwasher/washer/dryer safe. And while I  originally worried the food would slide right off, it actually sticks to the bib for easy wipe downs.

We think they’re perfect for first feeders who need big protection without a big bib. And since they lay flat on your kid’s chest, you’re not battling him to keep it on. One less battle–especially during mealtime–is a welcome change. -Kristen 

Congrats to bib winner Danielle B.