5th Avenue Slings

If you thought slings were just for the crunchy moms–well, first, you haven’t been reading Cool Mom Picks very carefully. (We’ll have a talk about that later.) But also, you haven’t seen this Missoni fabric sling from bronwenhandcrafted.
Awesome, right? We know!
When we stumbled on New York designer Bronwen Eastman de Gonzalez’s shop, we were impressed with her use of provocative and fashion-forward fabrics for baby pouches. Check out the distressed brown ultrasuede that dad types can get behind, or a textured black silk for when you simply can’t get a sitter the night of the Zac Posen show.
Each sling is made to order (as all good couture should be, really) and the price is a fraction of what anything else by Missoni would cost you. Plus, you’ll be sporting the most hip 21st century accessory of all – a baby. Take that, fashionistas. –Liz[via mama said shop]