Psst…Pass It On

While there’s no shortage of layettes out there for sale, I’m always on the lookout for items that are worthy of being handed down through the generations. When this year’s mass-produced designs look just like last year’s mass-produced designs, they simply aren’t worth my money or precious closet space.
But a gorgeous layette from Monsters in Mittens is truly special. These vintage inspired, hand knitted Merino wool clothes and accessories come from New Zealand, where so much stunning baby stuff seems to originate these days.
I’m partial to the Pixie Hat, the old fashioned Skull Cap (shown here)and the Mary Jane Booties which are are so beautiful that a mom will keep them around until she’s got grandkids to give them a second wearing. (And the square stitched blankie? This is the stuff that makes ovaries hurt.)

Go stock up on underbed chests and cedar blocks before you click through. Trust me. –Julie
Congrats to lucky reader Chay R who won a beautiful layette