It’s All Fun and Games Til Someone Loses a Toe

Nowhere in the parenting manual did I find a chapter on a child’s inability to feel cold. How couldI have known that a kid can have purple lips and six frostbitten toes and yet when there’s still winter fun to be had, you’ll have to drag him, kicking and screaming, inside to sit by a warm radiator?
If you’re looking for a winter boot to keep those toes reluctantly warm, who better to to turn to than the Swedes? (Okay, maybe the Aleuts.) I have my eye on a few of the very cool styles at Vincent Shoes, but I think I’m leaning towards the Valter boot for its combination of style and practicality. For less than $55–a relative steal in the kid’s boot category–you get a boot that’s both chic and rugged, thoughtfully designed with all sorts of waterproof this and warmth-retaining that. And of course, soles just perfect for snowbank stomping.
Sizes start at a toddler 6, which means even obstinant little winter-lovers in training can keep their tootsies toasty too. –Liz