The Rockin’ Ballerina

After spending part of the holidays with my girlie-girl nieces, I was trying to come to terms with the inevitable fact that very soon, my own toddler daughter will be asking for princess this and ballerina that.When that day comes, I’m steering her towards the spectacular tutu tops from Little Boogaloo. Each handmade top by designer and mom Lisa Sanfield combines the lace tulle hem that princesses-in-training will adore, with vintage-style tees that their parents can stand, since they feature undisputably cool icons like John Lennon, and The Ramones.
You can order the tops off the Little Boogaloo etsy site for nearly half of what they’d cost in a boutique, or for a bit more, Lisa can custom-design one to your specs.
Rock n roll! I mean…er, pirouette. –Liz