Gift Wrap Without the Guilt

If you’ve been around the web anytime in the last few weeks you’d know there are eco gift guides galore. But I always have to snicker at the idea of some biodegradable hemp-based lipstick (or whatever) beautifully gift wrapped in one-time use paper.

Of course there’s always recycled craft paper or (eek) last week’s real estate section. But as a decent enough compromise, we’re loving the ready-made gift wrap kits from Crinkle Co, for those few gifts you really want to look spectacular.

Every design is printed on recycled paper with earth-friendly soy inks. But these are no hippie designs.–you’ll find great-looking modern prints like the "twinkle" wrap in four colors, or the lovely, subtle red skater gliding across a pale blue background with the message, Spread joy.

Or as it might say, Spread joy. Not volatile organic compounds.  –Liz 

Free shipping on orders $20 and up.