They’ll Never Be Able to Throw These Cards Away

I’ve decided to forgo the traditional family Christmas picture holiday card extravaganza this year. And thanks to Ruva Cards, my excuse will not be total laziness (for a change), but rather, my desire to show off my daughter’s artistic talent.

Designed by New York artist Michelle Snyder, these simple holiday cards feature a "peek-a-boo" front cover with a sweet message, and your child’s art on the inside. Just send a scan or original of your little artist’s masterpiece, provide a couple of lines of text for the custom-printed inside cover, and you’ll have a fantastic holiday card that no one on your list will be able to toss.

All right, so maybe there’s one more reason for not doing a photo card – Friends and family won’t see that I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet. -Kristen 

[via Today’s Mama]