Caterpillars in the Shower

My daughter has been introduced to the scientific concept of metamorphosis by, of all things, an episode of The Wonder Pets. She now understands, in her 2 year-old way, that a caterpillar turns into a "buh-fwy." Also that butterflies sing and dance.
I’m hoping that in the years to come that we can credit the episode with sparking her love of science (not just giving mommy a half hour of computer time). And when she’s ready for the next lesson, I think we’ll take home this awesome metamorphosis shower curtain from Simple Memory Art. It’s colorful and cool looking, but on closer inspection, it’s actually a comprehensive biology lessonAlso check out the other science-themed curtains available at the shop, like dinosaurs, the solar system, and for chem nuts, the periodic table.
C’mon, how often does your home decor double as a science class?-Liz
[thanks, rena!]