“Whale Oil” for pregnancy stretch marks. Insert your own punchline here.

stretch-mark-creamWhether you gained a whopping 65lbs with each pregnancy like me, or you were one of those women who tipped the scales a mere 25lbs above your normal weight, there comes a point when we all feel like beached whales. So slathering your big stretched out belly in Whale Oil, the new product from CMP fave Least Likely 2 Breed, should make perfect sense.

Created from completely all natural ingredients, this stretch mark oil helps keep your stomach soft and supple (if that’s actually possible), lessening the chance of getting stretch marks.

Of course, I can’t offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll feel less whalish after applying. As the directions suggestion, 1. Massage into skin 2. Repeat daily. 3. Hope for the best. -Kristen

Snag some of this awesome stretch mark oil from Least Likely 2 Breed.

Congratulations to Jennifer J, Jordan W, and Kelly K – lucky winners of a bottle of whale oil!