Going for the silver

Years ago, I developed an affinity for sterling silver jewelry, which has since evolved into an unyielding no-gold-jewelry policy. It suits me pretty well in a down economy. But unfortunately, I’ve had to accept that many fine jewelers simply don’t offer the same selection of pieces in silver as they do in gold, which severely hampers my coveting.

So I was very happy to hear that Monika Rich Kosann of MRK Style is obliging my sterling loving sisters — and our wallets too — by now offering a line of three gorgeous keepsake necklaces in silver now for the first time. Especially considering that many of her higher-end gold pieces are too steep for those of us without trust funds.

I particularly like the simplicity of the Mom/Love necklace, and if it looks familiar, it’s because we just happen to be giving one away on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Grab one for a beloved mom in your life–or better yet, check out the entry details and win it for yourself. -Julie

Find the Sterling Silver Miniatures necklaces exc

lusively from MRK Style website.