Invisibelt – Putting an end to plumber’s butt for life

Invisibelt is basically an invisible belt that every fashionista seems to be buzzing about these days. Yes, it’s invisible in that magic Wonderwoman airplane sort of a way because it’s clear plastic, but also invisible in that it’s designed to lie flat so it won’t bulk up your tops over your jeans. I always hated that “buckle bulge” thing.

The Invisibelt adjusts to fit sizes 2 to 14 (sorry, you freaky size zeros) but I love that there’s also a plus size to fit up to size 4x. This also makes it a very clever maternity option if you ask me.

Does it look great if your shirt rides up? Not more than any other clear belt. But then if my shirt is riding up over my gut, I’ve got bigger problems these days. –Liz

Congratulations to Invisibelt winner Lisa P!