For when baby makes three…kids.

i-8b6b27517fc3528d5f75222fe29079a6-annekiel1-thumb-200x299.jpgAdding a third kid definitely means a tighter grip on the wallet, but I admit that it hasn’t stopped me from coveting a little something for my efforts. I’m thinking a little something like Anne Kiel’s Trio necklace.

Handmade with sterling silver and threaded together on a simple cable chain, this piece is a really original way to celebrate the joy of three, without adding another jingly tag or charm to your existing keepsake necklace.

It’s wonderful to be able to wear something sentimental that doesn’t scream “Mom!” Especially now that you have three little ones doing it way more than you thought humanly possible. -Kristen

Order by June 7 and…get this…receive a free sterling or 14K gold fill stacking ring!