Crib bumper safety – no longer an issue with this bumper-less option

Crib bumper alternative from skip*hopThere’s always been so much controversy about crib bumper safety. Even so, when my first son was a baby, I always longed for a bumper. They looked so cool in the crib and added that extra bit of style to the nursery. However since 2010 was the year that they banned the bumper, skip*hop has been smart to create a very clever alternative

The new Complete
Sheet from skip*hop is a bumper-less crib sheet
that lends the look of an actual bumper. Sounds like magic, right? The
truth is, it’s really a pretty simple sheet, with a contrasting design on the sides,
only giving the illusion of a bumper. Still, it looks a heck of a lot
like the real thing. I place it in the category of

The Complete Sheet comes in
eight adorable patterns, for whatever style of nursery you’ve got. At
200-thread-count, they’re also super soft.

Another thing I’ve
always been careful to leave out of the crib is a blanket, for that Skip
Hop introduced an Airflow
Wearable Blanket in matching patterns to th

e Complete Sheets. So
not only will your little one be safe, they’ll also be completely
camouflaged in their crib. -Melissa

The Complete

Sheet 4-piece set, which includes the wearable blanket bed
skirt and nursery blanket is $120, while the sheet alone is $24. Find
them at