Hair Clips That Make the Other Hair Clips a Little Envious

In our house, stocking stuffers weren’t the cheap crappy things you didn’t feel like wrapping, but rather the really nice (and sometimes expensive) loot that just so happened to fit in our stockings.

Thus is the case with the sweet appliquéd and embroidered barrettes from Little Something. Handcrafted from wool felt by Mara Greenaway, these adorable hair clips will make any little girl squeal, including the little girl inside you. My must-have favorites are the flowers, but if you’re looking for something fun, try the set of seven (of course) day-of-the-week clips that we spotted at Tiny McSmall.

Way better than those underpants, right?

For something extra special to tuck into that stocking, Mara offers personalized clips through Tiny McSmall too. Keep in mind that they take 2-3 weeks to make, so order them now (like, right now!). 

If only I could get my daughter to keep them in for longer than five minutes. Then they really would be perfect. -Kristen 

At Little Something, use code "coolmom" for 15% off y

our purchase through 12/15.

At Tiny McSmall use code COOLMOMS for 15% off personalized or DOTW clips through 12/15…plus CMP readers get shipping free (by rebate) with purchases of $75 and up.