Not Your Mother’s Polyester

I’m a mom who tends towards cottons and natural fabrics. So when I heard about the quick-drying kids duds from Milk Factory I admit I was skeptical.  But I’ve come around.

Two smart Vancouver momtrepreneurs created this line of quick-drying performance gear and yep, it actually is quick drying. So they’re really great for active kids on the playground or the bunny slopes–or for teething babies like mine who spend half the day wet with drool because I forgot to pack 16 bibs in our diaper bag. The fabrics are all SPF 40 for the summer, and in the winter they’ll keep kids extra warm under jackets and snowsuits.

Think longjohns without the itch. Your kids will thank you for that one. -Kristen

Use the code ‘COOLMOM15′ for 15% savings on online purchases excluding gift packs and Pink Ribbon T-shirts until 11/15/07.

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