Slings With a Story

We’ve heartily espoused the benefits of sling usage here at Cool Mom Picks, not only because we’re sling users ourselves, but because we keep happening upon gorgeous ones that we just can’t pass up.

Such is the case with the slings from Green Pea Designs, except their story is as great as their fabrics. (Cherries and paisleys and toiles, oh my!) Not only do the slings include a unique padding that is softer and larger than so many others I’ve had a chance to check out, Green Pea slings are entirely handmade and marketed by work-at-home-moms.

So when you’re buying one of these gorgeous slings, you’re supporting your baby all while supporting fellow mothers. If that’s not a cool mom pick, I’m not sure what is. -Kristen

Congrats to Pramvir V. who won the Addison sling!