We’re Gonna Rock This House

How can you not be intrigued by a band referred to as "the Aerosmith of kids music?" This isn’t to say that they’re going to cast the lead singer’s barely legal daughter as a Lolita in their next music video, but if you stick with the music part – that’s a pretty accurate description of South Jersey boys and much lauded kid rockers Ernie & Neal.
Their fifth album, Rock the House, is a wonderful follow-up to their
2005 release, Rock n Roll Band. As the title promises, this is real rock music, not some slick overproduced kiddie CD. You could almost imagine them recording the tracks live from behind the automatic garage door.
Kids will love discovering that the tune This Whole Band updates This Old Man lyrics that they’re familiar with. And if you weren’t listening closely to the lyrics about the ABC’s, you might almost think Preschool Punk was something you heard at a Ramone’s concert back in the day. Listen for yourself at CD Baby where you can check out song samples.How popular are Ernie & Neal becoming? They’ve even played the White House Easter Egg Roll. But don’t hold it against them. –Liz