Baby sunscreen lotion grows up a little bit

Baby Sunscreen Lotion from Little TwigI had a May baby and a July baby and as such, I still remember those panicky early days of taking the baby out into the (gasp) sun. I don’t think I could have had enough muslin swaddling blankets and floppy brimmed sunhats to put me at ease. So I love that there are so many choices of gentle baby sunscreen lotion now with more natural ingredients and lighter scents, like the new SPF 30+ Mineral Sunscreen from Little Twig.

The formula is now “extra mild,” which I can only imagine is a step up from the ordinary “mild” that other sunscreens claim. They call it chemical-free but that’s a technical misnomer because titanium is a chemical element like helium and oxygen. I think what it means though, is that there are no harsh chemicals here and no Phthalates, Parabens or mineral oil either. What there are are good antioxidants and natural ingredients like white tea, aloe and flower extracts.

This lovely water-resistant lotion hardly has a scent at all, and it goes on super smooth and non-greasy and spreads nice

and evenly. If you’re used to more mainstream drugstore brands you definitely see (and smell) the difference. Let’s just say I love love love this product.

It’s not cheap. But neither was that stupid umbrella attachment for the stroller that I think I used twice. –Liz

Find natural SPF 30+Mineral Sunscreen online at Little Twig, and save 30% with promo code coolmom0610 through 6/30/10!

NOTE: Be smart: Keep infants out of direct sun and use lotions sparingly on babies 3-6 months old. Even the natural ones.