Future’s so bright, I need posh origami shades

There comes a time in every parent’s life when the cat knocks over the cheapo 10-year-old lamp in the nursery and it’s time to make a tough decision. You want something sophisticated, but still soft. You could pick something like the last lamp, or you could see a shade this gorgeous and splurge on a very bright future.

Origami shade at Cool Mom Picks!

This stunner collection of Moth origami lampshades from Studio Snowpuppe is handmade in the Netherlands. They’re attracting us like, well, moths to light. Available in a range of solids, color blocks, and delicate gradations, each piece is hand-folded from special Butterfly paper and carefully arranged with a textile cord and porcelain socket. Each socket can safely hold an energy-saving or LED bulb up to the equivalent of 60 watts. And the cat can’t knock ’em over! Whee!

Each lampshade is a little under 8 inches square, and–more choices!–you can pick your own cord color using the drop-down menu on the Etsy page. Everything you need to hang is included, except for the light bulb. Swoon aw


Moth Origami hanging lamp at Cool Mom Picks

Moth Origami Shade in brown on Cool Mom Picks

Moth Origami Shade in green on Cool Mom Picks

Moth Origami Shade interior view on Cool Mom Picks

Priced at $78 to $105, yeah, these lampshades are pretty splurge-y, especially when you factor in the shipping from the Netherlands. But if you’re looking for a swanky step up from that fold-it-yourself plastic thing from Ikea, you can’t find a brighter (or cooler) future than these gorgeous posh shades. –Delilah

Find Moth Origami Lampshades, complete with hanging lamp cords. at the Studio Snowpuppe shop on Etsy.