The Cow Says Moooo. Also: Carry Me, Mama!

I love to browse the CMP archives for children’s artwork, because thanks to Liz and Kristen’s discerning taste, it’s all worth exploring. But I have to admit that I get an even bigger thrill out of bringing a new artist to their attention – and getting a nod of approval.

My latest find is the stick-leg art from BeesKneesStudio. Artist Erica Vess creates original acrylic paintings of farm animals which are simple, colorful, and cheerfully unique.

Treat your child’s bedroom to an original painting for just $65, or group a few digital prints together (available at her etsy shop) instead. You can’t help but grin at these scenes of leggy livestock – and at the improbability of them in any way remaining upright. –Julie

Congrats to Shelby V — winner of her own Bees Knees print.