Pulp Non-Fiction

You’d think it would be easy to shop for a newly pregnant woman, but it’s harder than it seems. Especially if you don’t know whether the mama-to-be would prefer a pedicure or that everyone just leave her alone and stop touching her, dammit!

Pulp Factory Calendars may have the ideal gift for any friend in the throes of her forty weeks in the extremely cute Pregnant Girl’s Life Giftpack. It includes a notepad, sticky notes, and a spiral-bound, undated calendar featuring vivid illustrations on glossy paper. It functions as a journal too, with space for scribbles plus fun stickers to mark big events like last vacation, nursery complete (as if) and hemorrhoids.

Don’t cringe now, mamas. No pregnant woman gets by without a sense of humor about the realities of her situation.

If those nine long months have already come and gone, Pulp Factory Calendars makes gift packs for the new mom too. In fact, present one to her at a Girls’ Day Out lunch, preferably over a long awaited glass of wine. Now that’s what frie

nds are for. –Julie