So the Girls, They Like to Twirl

The notion of a dress "that twirls" used to seem kind of foo-foo to me until I thought back to my own childhood and my many hours simply spent spinning. I was like that kid in Parenthood who just spun until I fell down for fun, while other kids were doing tae kwon do or quantum physics or whatever.

If my daughters inherit my twirling gene, they will probably flip for the Iris Dress by one of our fave designers, Ses Petites Mains. The red eyelet fabric is guaranteed to be easy washing and wearing, which does make the $88 price tag a bit easier to justify. Besides, every girl looks awesome in red.

The dress is exclusive to Moxie Kids in size 12m to 8. But there weren’t that many made. So if you love it, grab it, and let the twirling commence. –Liz

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