In Your Next Life, You Could be a Bib Too

I hate plastic bags. There are just too many of them, and most end up in the trash to do nothing but take up space for the next bazillion years.

I applaud Dallas mom Mandolyn’s decision to turn hers into something useful, like clever baby bibs. At her shop, The Pretty Bean, fused bags that once packaged everything from bread and potatoes to diapers and napkins become a reversible, easy-to-clean and very funky looking bib with Velcro closures and sewn soft edging. Too tired to clean it off? Just reverse it and no one need be the wiser.

Yes, the world will be a better place when we reduce the number of bags going into landfills. And once there are too few to sustain The Pretty Bean’s bib making business, I’m sure that she will use her creativity to find a second life for something else. –Christina