We Love Wee Hats

When I was expecting my first child, I packed my hospital bag quite ambitiously with pair of pre-pregnancy pants for myself (don’t laugh) and a few newborn hats so my sweet baby’s head would not have to suffer in those awful polyester ones they give you for free.

But what I didn’t realize about those darn hospital caps is that they actually fit. While most newborn hats, even with my daughter’s gigantic head, do not.

This time around, however, I’m fully prepared with an adorable set of Wee Hats from Wee Baby. Created from super soft 100% cotton without any tags or seams to irritate your newborn (whose poor head has already been through enough) these hats are the perfect size for most newborns’ heads.

What I love most is that the colors, like the completely nontraditional but still super yummy chocolate brown, lend themselves to you actually wanting to put the hats on your babies again in the presence of every camera in the family. -Kristen 

Congratulations to Elisa M, winner of a set of Wee Hats!