The Happy Face Gets a Long Overdue Makeover

I don’t think I’ve seen a good happy face redux since that mutant icon with the single eye. (Doesn’t anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?) In any case, Foxibaby has taken on the task with great charm, turning their happy baby face logo into a pirate, alien, or punk rocker–complete with safety pin in the ear and a cartoony “scar” up the back that totally makes the shirt a must-have.

Likewise, the devil raglan has a forked tail up the back, and the angel tee has, you guessed it, wings.

You’ll find a few of the tees for sale online at Polkadot Patch Boutique and a few at Little Hipster. But if there’s something else you love on her site (like the animals) that you don’t see for sale, email designer Jennifer Cummings. She’s cool, just like you’d expect her to be, and she’ll totally hook you up. –Liz

Congratulations to Kristi B, winner of the pair of onesies from Foxibaby!