Smart Sheets

i-8c1646948965689522e8fe2ea3a615cd-cloudsandstars-thumb-200x164.jpgIt’s exhausting enough to drag yourself out of bed for the 2am feeding, but add a leaky-diaper induced crib sheet change and nighttime becomes painful. Or, you could get yourself the Clouds and Stars super genius zip sheet.

Setting it up will take you a bit longer than a typical sheet change, but once you get the zipper base on the underside of your mattress, you’re set to go. Now the soft cotton top sheet zips on (and off) in a snap, making the far too frequent new baby crib sheet changes a no-brainer. Just make sure you’ve stocked up on extra zip sheets which also come in flannel or organic cotton.

With my son’s extra large mattress, it was definitely a tight fit, but it loosened up in a matter of days. Grab one for a new mom, or add it to your shower registry now. Anything that helps get your butt back in bed faster is a definite must-have. -Kristen

Congratulations to Clouds and Stars gift set winner, Sherri B!