Could I See Your ID?

My parents started a lovely tradition of buying each of us an engravedgold ID bracelet when we were born.While I love the sentiment, I just can’t see myself buying my kids a filigree yellow gold bracelet considering they’ll probably never wear it.
So, I’ve evolved our family’s tradition with the brand new ID bracelets from Julian & Co (formerly Little Jules), CMP’s fave keepsake jewelry go-to site. Her sterling ID bracelets are a bit heartier than the old classics and way more wearable. Add your child’s birthdate or nickname on the back for a nice touch.
If you’re hesitant on baby jewelry, then rest assured they’re more classic than they are blingy. I might even wear one myself if they weren’t the size of my postpartum thumbs. –Kristen
Use the code COOLMOM for $10 off your order!
Congrats Jessica S. She won her own ID Bracelet!