Will Clean Up Toys for Peanuts

It’s hard to beat little cotton dresses on little girls for summer. The problem is, not every girl is the gingham and bows type, and that’s a lot of what toddler dresses are. If we put my daughter in something frilly and flouncy…well let’s just say it wouldn’t happen.So I love the Peanuts dress at new mama-run online boutique, The Silly Wagon (we love that name) which is already off to a fantastic start with a great array of goodies for kids and the moms who love them. The soft butter-wash cotton jersey dress is a swingy little A-line style that flatters all sweet young thangs. Plus the fabulous vintage-inspired "logo" makes me yearn for the days when peanuts really were 10 cents.
Not that I’m that old. I swear. –Liz
Use code SILLY10 for 10% off your order. And psst…if you like the dress, you’ll love the hoodie coming out soon. Check the site for updates.