Personalized Onesies, Hold the Cheese

I love buying personalized tees for my friends’ babies, but it’s often hard to find something that isn’t either absurdly blinged out, or so cutesie-sweet it makes your teeth hurt. So I’m loving the personalized tees and onesies from the hip new online shop, Little Uni.You just choose the style and size you want, then pick one of their cool hand-sewn appliques from a yellow floral rooster, to a subtly psychedelic car, to a mod starburst hippo. Little Uni will then add whatever name you’d like (up to ten characters – sorry Mary-Catherine) for just a few bucks more than their premade designs.
The names on the shirts are spelled out in a tasteful modern script, hold the sequins, hold the glitter. If it’s bling you’re looking for, well you’ll just have to settle for the blinding cuteness of the baby inside. –Liz