Go Ahead and Squeal “So Cute!” We Won’t Tell Anyone.

When it seems that a lot of babywear is about who can be hipper or more irreverent than the next guy, it’s refreshing to find a shop that gets back to the basics. Especially when those basics are so cute that you want to buy a dozen of them. Jakc Designs Baby Shop (no, that’s not a typo – it’s the mom/designer Jennifer’s Chee’s initials) specializes in basic white cotton baby and toddler tops with felt appliques, hand-embroidered, hand-sewn, and mostly made to order. Fifty fabulous designs ranging from a radish to a bat to a pair of pink jellyfish adorn tops in sizes from 3M to 6T. With that kind of selection, there’s something for everyone.
If you can’t find one of these tees that your baby can’t live without, well there’s just no pleasing you, is there? –Julie
[via indie babies]