Well Isn’t That Spatial

Throughout my life, I’ve always leaned on the excuse that I just wasn’t blessed with the spatial-relations gene, never realizing that this is actually a learned skill. Obviously as a kid I wasn’t playing with the nifty Dado Cubes from modern kids emporium Mason & Matisse.
This smart, easily stackable block set features 10 cubes with simple side slits (say that five times fast) that can be interlocked to create tons of 3-D structures. Brilliant. Plus, they stack into themselves, so they’re mercifully easy to put away. To top it off they’re completely affordable at $24.95 for the set.
Did I mention they look cool too? Because yeah, that matters.
It’s one of those toys you look at and think, "Gosh, why didn’t I think of this?" And then you remember, "Oh right, because I can’t even pack a car." –Laura