Out of This World

We know there’s no shortage of leather baby booties on the market these days — all of which are terribly cute and perfect for those crawlers and early-walkers. But if you’relooking for a shoe that no one else in the playgroup is likely to have,you might give Cute Baby Shoes a try.
Created by parents who wanted something unique and functional, Cute Baby Shoes offer the same benefits of all the soft soled shoes with a few added bonuses, like a comfy cotton lining, padded bottoms, and our favorite, black suede soles (no more dirty footprint outlines!). You’ll find styles from flames to flowers, skulls to spaceships.
Whilewe’redefinitelynotobsessed with what everyone else is putting on their kids’ feet, there’s something to be said for being the one to start the trend at playgroup for once.-Kristen
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