Minimalist movie posters with maximum appeal

In a world dominated by explosions, CGI, and overly detailed movie posters, we’re loving this affordable collection of posters with an iconic and refreshing spin on our favorite films — and our favorite films to share with our kids.

Totoro poster at Cool Mom Picks!

We fell braid over umbrella for these minimalist fairy tale posters for kids at Society 6, and now we’re digging on a similar collection by Hyl& Design pairing famous and beloved films with the alphabet.

From movies you love watching with your kids, like My Friend Totoro, Charlotte’s Web, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, to movies that still give you nightmares, Meagan Hyland has translated the most iconic aspects of each film into lovely designs based on the first letter of the movie. 

Most designs are available in tons of different formats and sizes, from framed and unframed prints to wrapped canvas to shirts and tote bags. 8×10 prints start at $20. Not bad!

Movie Poster Alphabet at Cool Mom Picks

F is for Fantastic Mr Fox

Up Movie Poster at Cool Mom Picks!

U is for Up


Spriited Away Movie Poster at Cool Mom Picks!

S is for Spirited Away

X-Men Movie Poster at Cool Mom Picks!

X is for X-Men


Movie Alphabet at Cool Mom Picks!

You can see more of the adult posters in

the compilation above, including Y for Young Frankenstein, J for Jaws, and Q for Quills–which yeah. Those won’t work in a kids’ room. Of course, the interesting thing is that even the posters for those R-rated flicks are pretty tame and atmospheric. That red slash on K for Kill Bill? Aw, that’s just ketchup, kids.

But you know, maybe stick with Spirited Away and X-Men. Just to be safe. –Delilah

Find minimalist movie poster prints and other goodies from Hyl& Designs, now on Society 6.