Mmmm…Baby Seals

Bringing the circus to our home is a little redundant, but these circus animal cookie cutters are making me consider it. They create detailed, bite-sized animals like a seal with a ball on his nose or a lion with a giant mane.  And, since I cannot do anything in the kitchen without an eager face
appearing and asking, “can I do too?” I appreciate that these cookie
cutters are made for little hands to operate: The molds have a spring-loaded button that pushes the design into the dough and then releases it. 

The good people at WilliamsSonoma
have even taken this one step further by offering an organic animal
cracker cookie mix for those of us pressed for time, or a good cookie
dough recipe. Sprinkle the circus animals with colored sugar and sprinkles, or leave them au natural for a more traditional look.    But get them fast because they, like the circus itself, may not stay in town for long. –Christina
[via ohdeedoh, erin cooks]