It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Nursery

i-785164cc9d6a192992af062fbdf3fda8-lojo ball-thumb-200x160.jpgSince having kids, I’m definitely understanding the joys of multipurpose kids furniture: Dressers with changing pads on top, children’s tables with toy storage underneath, infant car seats that function as rockers. One of the latest entrants into the category is the Lojoball, which comes courtesy of those clever Brits.

It wasn’t designed for kids per se, but totally could have (especially considering the design team is a mom and pop themselves). It looks like a big round beanbag, only it’s filled with air instead of beans and a zipper around one side. It makes a smart footrest or a seat for the kids to bounce around on, but unzip one side and lie it flat, and it becomes a comfy little reading nook or Noggin-watching chair that even wee tots can’t fall off while mommy’s (blogging) distracted. Click over to the UK site to see a bunch of people far cooler than us using it over cocktails.

The faux leather Mustang is the best-looking of the bunch, but the orange and blue Bonbon is also pretty natty. As the Br

its might say. –Liz