Heavy metal

Big Bang Pendant by Dr. Craze on EtsyI love Etsy because I know that almost anything I can imagine is sitting in someone’s shop, waiting to be found (including plenty of scary things). So when I typed “concrete necklace” into the search bar one day on a whim, I wasn’t all that surprised when a whopping 97 items popped up. But I was surprised at how cool the handmade jewelry by Dr. Craze is. And by how light and wearable concrete can actually be.

I now own a beautiful Concrete
and Amazonite Monolith Pendant, as well as a Yellow
Concrete Heart. The workmanship on these pieces is fascinating–I
can’t find the seam, and the drilled holes are utterly smooth. The
concrete mixture is, as promised, feather-light, with a glass-smooth
texture that surprised me. And since the front of the pendant is
different from the back, it’s like having two different necklaces.

love the brass and concrete Big Bang necklace shown above, and there are plenty of other
options mixing stainless steel and brass with concrete, glass, and
precious gems.

If you’re looking for unique, handmade jewelry that will
garner compliments and withstand sticky little fingers, the answer is
solid as a rock. But not nearly as heavy.~Delilah

handmade concrete and metal jewelry at Dr. Craze on Etsy.