The football widow’s reward

Prada Saffiano Bowler BagCongratulate me. As of today, I’ve officially survived another full football season of Sundays home alone with the kids, never knowing whether my sigOth would come home from the bar happy or Stay away from me, they lost again.

(He’s a Redskins fan, so I’ll let you guess which it is.)

I’d say I deserve a little something for my patience, understanding, and ability to fall so easily into stereotypical gender roles.

You too? Well what perfect timing. Because the new spring handbags are just starting to creep into Barneys.

While what I’d really like is the Prada Saffiano Bowler Bag for a mere $2,450, but because Fantasy Football didn’t exactly pay out for us this year, I’ll settle for the $1,650 Bottega Veneta Ottone Zip Tote which is probably more practical anyway. I’d imagine that’s close to what his annual bar tab came to this year anyway.

Now g’wan. Gawk at all the designer bags and leave some drool marks on the virtual store windows. You know you want to. –Liz

Find the new collection of designer handbags for

spring at Barne’s New York.